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Can I somehow protect my phone from hacking over the network?

Hello! I wanted to know something interesting. Will it be safe if I use my laptop in a cafe for different tasks? Now I heard about some add-ons that allow you to monitor all the content on your computer using a stable Wi-Fi connection. Is there any way to protect against this?

Hey Jared!

You should secure your data if you are a fan of networking in Internet cafes. If you connect over an open network and use personal data, you can quickly use this data for hacking. Many people are also exposed to a similar vulnerability.

Some users may take advantage of these vulnerabilities to steal user data. After authorization, your permanent presence is recorded using numerous data packets. All data is stored in the browser, making tracking any activity easy. Your files may be copied as soon as you go to different sites. In this case, you will not notice any third-party interference or theft of personal data.

You will not be able to avoid such tracking on your own. That being said, you can use some tricks to secure your data. For example, you can block the WiFi signal near your laptop with an exceptional blocker. This can significantly optimize all tasks when working away from home and using the public network.

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