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How can i jamm the tracking box with 4G?

Hi, I have inquired about this before but I am still confused about which jammer to buy, I drive a truck for Verizon, as far as I can figure out the GPS system they installed in our trucks, works by cell phone towers and GPS combined,We were also told that Verizon bought this company and installed it so they can market it for profit later on. There are no antennas on my truck just a small 2 x 2 box with wires that they threw way up under the dash, I'll either buy the monstro 10 or the G5 but the monstro10 does not block 4g /LTE which we have in our area, And the G5 does not mention jamming the same number of systems as the Monstro10.Will I be covered with the G5 if this system in my truck has GPS? And is there a sure way to know its working? I really need help with deciding which is best. I will plug it in probably for several hours any givin day if this makes a difference. Thank You in advance

Hi, Bob. We are glad that you turned to our wiki in order to find solution. Concerning your question we can afford you the updated version of Monstro jammer which can jamm both LTE and WiMax frequency. Just ask our manager about it. So you can easily block your tracking box. We hope we`ve answered your question. 

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