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How can I block Skobbler GPS Navigation 2?

Hi guys! Recently the app called Skobbler GPS Navigation 2 was released. It works fine but I need to stop its work. How can I do that and what device I need to use in order to succeed?

Hi Samantha!

Skobbler has made great navigation system. It has many different opportunities which may compete with big market players like TomTom, SatNav, and others, and at the same time it is really cheaper. And I guess that is why it will become extremely popular quite soon. So it is not a surprise that you need to jam it.

In order to jam this system you can use our Skobbler GPS Navigation 2 jammer, which is also suitable for the first version of this navigation system and block its work in any way if the navigational device is in jamming range. The tracking technology is developing and so the anti-tracking tools are developing too.

New apps are going out, more and more people are liking them and buying them and using them, thus GPS jammers will be very needed by many people and you are among them. Use them and prevent GPS tracking from watching your location!

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