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How can I avoid being filmed by GoBandit Live?

Hi people! The GoBandit Live cam presented at CES 2012 is really small and it is also WiFi-enabled, so the danger of being filmed is high. Can I avoid it?

Hi Gram!

GoBandit offers several types of small cameras: GoBandit Race and GoBandit Live. The latest model has several advantages with built-in Wi-Fi and GPS modules. There is no usual support for Wi-Fi, but the ability to distribute a signal and broadcast video in real-time, transmitting it to everyone. The first model has more simple functions.

This prototype was presented relatively recently. GoBandit also offers an iOS version of the application, allowing you to work with cameras comfortably and safely. Now you can easily block GoBandit Live Wi-Fi signals if needed. You can also block GPS signals to protect yourself from being tracked by intruders while maintaining data privacy.

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