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Is there any way to avoid eavesdropping by Packet Forensics?

Hello! I often talk via voice communication with friends. I recently found out about this Packet Forensics company. Is it possible to somehow avoid wiretapping on their part?

Good afternoon Brandon!

Packet Forensics is a fairly well-known company, so they use state-of-the-art wiretapping technology. It shows a fairly high efficiency in everyday use. Usually, it is used in various military organizations. You should understand a little more about the features of using jamming technologies.

Packet Forensics typically uses its solutions to monitor network traffic. However, there are other solutions as well. Voice technology is also being actively eavesdropped on by third parties. For effective use, it is necessary to understand the blocking of signals and their reception through the appropriate protocols.

Usually, the company can listen to any calls. To do this, they use special secure connection models. Voice communication can be used with a variety of Packet Forensics obstacles with minimal effort and cost on the part of users. This is an effective tool for protecting personal data.

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