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Have you seen RoboRoach? Is it dangerous?

Hi, have you seen that RoboRoach project on kickstarter? It let's anyone to control a roach remotely, and I wonder, if it is dangerous? I mean, someone will probably try to use it as a spy bug, as it was shown in 5th Element with Bruce Willis. And if it is dangerous – is there some way to block those?

Hello, Rob!

Well, we at Jammer-Store have seen that project and it is really brilliant. And first of all we will try to describe the way it works. You know, roach's tendrils are responsible for the bug's navigation and obstacle detection, when it touches something its instinct tells the bug to turn over. The idea to use that is not really new – we've already seen it and we've even found a similar question at our wiki service.

So, the main idea here is in the fact, that if you will hit the left tendril with an electric charge, the bug will think that there is an obstacle on the left, and will turn right, it also works vice versa. And if you will hit both tendrils simultaneously – it will run forward. And the guys have created a device, that is able to do that, and be controlled remotely.

In order to use it you will have to attach that device to a bug's back, than attach its electrodes to the whiskers. If you'll do everything right – the bug will be at your full disposal for at least 12 hours. Then the battery will die. Sometimes the bug can adapt to it and stop responding to his commands. You can control it remotely via your smartphone, works with iOS and Android.

Now a couple of words about protection, as long as the device works with smartphones, it probably uses Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to transmit signals, so a simple 2.4 GHz jamming device will be able to free a roach from someone's control.

Thank you for your question, I hope, I've managed to help.

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