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Is it possible to somehow hack a Transcend memory card via Wi-Fi?

Hi, I recently ordered a Transcend memory card to work in my car. This system works on Wi-Fi. I wondered if it is possible to hack this device remotely via wireless technology. I recently read a few posts that said it's better to be safe. I want to use the device to store personal data. Can I use the machine safely? What is the best thing to do?

There are some variants of memory cards that support data transfer over the network. Such devices are practical and easy to use. Among the main features of the Transcend memory card, you should pay attention to the connection to the Linux network via an external server. At the same time, such a connection is considered unsafe. This is due to the ease of intercepting external signals.

Wireless interfaces can be hacked from specific vulnerabilities in the global GSM protocol. WiFi memory cards also have these vulnerabilities. This is due to the network connection due to the low level of security of the authorization data. You can log in using the usual credentials. All passwords are usually set by default, so hacking the device is not difficult.

You should take care of the safety of personal data. In our Jammer Store, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that you should not use such equipment to store sensitive data. Wi-Fi can easily intercept information, and view valuable archives or other data. For protection, you can order a special Wi-Fi jammer. Take care of your safety. Thanks for your question. I hope we were able to help you.

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