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Hacking Transcend Wi-Fi SD card, is it possible?

Hello, I've ordered Transcend SD car with Wi-Fi support and I wonder, is it possible to hack using its wireless interface? I've read some articles on how it may be done, but I'd like to know for sure. I'm not planing to use it for storing my personal data or something valuable, it will be in my camera, so I'll be able to share the video I capture as I go. So, will somebody be able to get there?

Those Wi-Fi enabled SD cards are really popular, because they open wide opportunities for sharing any kind of content quickly. In a matter of fact, Transcend Wi-Fi SD card is not a simple memory card, it is a Linux-based server that can maintain its own wireless network. But it is really vulnerable. First of all Wi-Fi networks themselves are really vulnerable to various hacks and exploits. 

Basically, any wireless interface has its own problems, even the most widely spread, for example, researchers have recently found some bugs in GSM protocol. But, let's get back to that SD card. The most vulnerable spot here is web interface. It has really weak authorization and logins you in the system with standard admin/admin login password combination. That passwords is set by default and many users never change it.

It is wise to avoid storing personal data there, because we at Jammer-Store always recommend our users to avoid wireless devices and never keep personal information there. Using Wi-Fi security gaps evildoer is able to get the root access to your SD card and see, copy, delete or even modify the data stored there. The problem is that he can also run executable files and commands, so the infection may go further. To block it – use a Wi-Fi signal jamming device. It will kill all wireless networks in the are and your data will be safe. 

Thanks for your question, I hope, I've managed to help!

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