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Cell phone jammers and signal blockers in Greece

In Greece, the mobile network has been operating since 1992. Then the services were provided by Panafon and Telestet. These companies actively developed mobile networks throughout the country.

At the moment there are several mobile operators. Cosmote is one of the largest state-owned cellular companies. WIND is one of the first operators to work to provide quality services to customers actively. Vodafone is also active in the Greek market.

Greece uses the modern European GSM standard for cellular coverage in the country. The network also supports messages and calls. All European devices will be able to connect to local mobile operators.

If you plan to travel to Greece, you should understand that all mobile numbers in the country consist of ten digits. This is the perfect place to have the best possible cell coverage.

On the mainland, the mobile network works almost everywhere. You can buy a SIM card easily for the duration of your trip. There are also several options for tariffs: prepaid and postpaid. The first option is great for travelers.

Mobile Internet in Greece is also actively developing. The leading operators support the 3G network at 2.1 GHz. However, some regions of the country do not support this standard. Also, many operators are actively using the 4G standard to provide a new generation of communications. You can use a phone in the country that is compatible with LTE.

Greece also offers a good alternative. There are many free Wi-Fi points in the country that you can use. They are available in supermarkets, catering establishments, hotels, and other places. At the same time, you should not perform any security operations via Wi-Fi, as there is a high probability of data loss.

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