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Will GLONASS track my Sony Xperia phone?

Hello! Previously, there was a problem with iPhone 4 series due to issues with the navigation method. Now such a problem has arisen with appliances from Sony. I plan to buy a new phone from this line. Can you advise something for my security and data safety?

Hey Damian!

The manufacturer plans to equip the new Sony phones with all modern communication elements and chips that support GPS communications and GLONASS technology. All of these systems make it easier to fix your current location and optimize the operation of the map-reading system, increasing the accuracy of measurements.

A similar story with GLONASS technology has already happened on iPhones. Of course, there is a particular vulnerability when using such satellite tracking systems. To ensure the required security, you should use a device to block external tracking using GLONASS in Sony phones. Rely on safety requirements when buying.

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