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Do the NYPD use Android phones?

Hello! I would like to know if the NYPD uses personal smartphones for investigations. I would like to understand how they solve problems with security and data privacy. Thanks in advance for your reply.

Hey Nick!

This is an exciting and vital issue regarding security. At the moment, the police in New York are using brand-new Android phones that they just brought. They can fix data, write orders and get other helpful information. Also, this equipment can be used for video tracking. Such a smartphone is straightforward and intuitive to use and brings many benefits at work. At the same time, you should pay attention to some vulnerabilities of such equipment.

The police usually use special applications to ensure data security when connected to the network. The device usually does not store any critical information. All data is securely encrypted, so it cannot be hacked. Also, installing third-party programs on this phone that could be harmful is forbidden.

Often, these devices come with GPS systems already disabled, which ensures the confidentiality of the location of the police. If necessary, you can disconnect from the network. Also, communication jammers do not work on this device. Other frequencies are used to connect to the general police network. These are entirely safe devices in operation. Thank you for your interest. I hope we have helped you!

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