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Does NYPD really use Android smartphones?

Hi, I'd like to know more about those new Android smartphones, that NYPD uses to gather data about suspects in the field. How do they work, and what are the means of protection, because data stored there is really sensitive. Many thanks in advance!

Hi there, Nick!

Yes, a pilot program has been launched, thanks to which the police in New York got new modern smartphones based on Android for collecting information. Special software provides information about arrests, events, warrants, and more. Police officers can also receive information about video surveillance systems in the area. Such a smartphone is faster than a laptop. At the same time, the smartphone has some vulnerabilities.

Please note that the NYPD uses some tools to secure sensitive data on a smartphone. There is no sensitive data on the device itself. All information is supplied through the official NYPD servers upon connection. Such smartphones cannot receive or make calls, so there is no chance of being attacked by multiple SMS. In addition, no one will be able to install any third-party software on the smartphone, which avoids tracking.

Another reason to disable the GPS module in this situation is the ability to disable cell tower triangulation. In addition, attackers will not be able to use a cell phone jammer to disconnect a police officer from the primary server since other frequencies are used for this. Such smartphones are entirely safe for the NYPD.

Thanks for the question. We hope we have helped you.

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