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Does jammer attracts the lightning when its turned on?

Hello guys! I want to ask this thing - does any signal jammer attracts the lightning when it is used outside the buildings in the open outdoor space during the bad weather?

I guess you would like to use your signal jammer somewhere outdoors and it may be caught by the rain with thunder and lightnings. First of all, remember that you need to cover your jammer from the rain because humidity of the air can affect its work. And don't forget that cover for your jammer must not be made of metal.

As for those lightnings, there is a small chance that they can strike your jammer. This chance is approximately the same as those lightnings would strike mobile phone in the same area. Thus if there are no lightning-rods around you then you probably should not use handheld jammer from your pocket in such conditions from the safety point of view.

I hope this information would be helpful to you and make your jammer usage even more effective! ;)

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