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Car key remote control jammers blockers

hi, please how is an automobile key small power blocker constructed? can you refer me to websites that teach such? thank you in advance!

Hi there, Felicia!

It is not a secret, and there's a lot of information that can be found on the Internet. Basically, all the signal blockers you may see at are active signal disruptors. Those devices create an interference field at the specified frequency by emitting them themselves. So, if you want to block a cell phone, for example, you'll need your device to emit signals at the 850/1900 MHz frequency. Those interfering signals carry no information.

As a matter of fact, we've already published a how-to guide on making your own blocker. We've also attached some schematics to it; you can find the links at the end of that page. Their construction is pretty simple. Basically, every signal-blocking device contains a power source, voltage-controlled oscillator, RF amplifier, noise source, and transmitting antenna. If you wish, you can make your device more complicated and flexible by adding additional modules to its construction, like a tunning circuit. We may tell you that the most challenging part here is to adjust the proper commonness of your muffler.

You should know that the most widely spread RF remote controls are using 433, 868, and 315 MHz frequencies. So to block them all, you will have to make sure that your remote control blocker works in those three frequency bands. But if require a precise instrument for some detailed goal, we should tell you that 433 and 315 MHz is used mainly in car alarms, while 868 MHz is used for smart home systems and radio-controlled toys. That specific kind of signal jamming device is rather safe, I mean, you will not be able to block some of the critical communications with that.

Thanks for your question, and good luck in constructing your own jamming device!

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