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Can strangers access my bank card using my mobile phone?

Hello! I would like to know. I have been using a mobile phone I bought myself for several years. All was good. Now I have installed a program for managing banking services. Something weird happened after a week of use. I noticed that some incomprehensible payments and operations began to appear in me, which I did not do at all. I even had to ask for a bank statement. It seems to me that someone can use my phone and use my cards. What should I do? How to protect your savings?

Hi Mark!

It is essential to understand that mobile banking apps can be pretty insecure. You should carefully read the portable banking security rules. You can get the relevant data on our website. We have described how you can avoid potential security issues. We understand that such services are very convenient, but you should limit their use a little. Modern phones carry many dangers, as they are vulnerable to hacker attacks.

You should also check your device for possible viruses. It is essential to understand that various dangerous applications can easily read the permissions of other applications and take advantage of sensitive data. Here you can get acquainted with this problem in more detail. You should also understand the security features of running software on Android.

Jammer Store also suggests that you consult with the bank. There you can specify the features of managing your card. Do it as soon as possible to avoid wasting money. If someone is still listening to your phone, then use a signal blocker on your mobile phone. This will help temporarily protect personal data from theft. Thanks for the question! I hope we were able to help you.

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