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Can someone gain access to my bank account through my smartphone?

Hello, guys, I really need help. I was using mobile banking for a couple of years already and everything was fine, but recently I've bought a new shiny Nexus and installed a mobile banking app there. In a week I've noticed that sometimes goes wrong with my money, because I've noticed a couple of suspicious payments that I've never did. I asked my bank to block my account for some time, but I suppose that someone may have used my smartphone for hacking my mobile banking account. Is it really possible and is there something I can do about it?

Hello, Mark!

You should know that using special mobile banking apps on your smartphone may be rather dangerous. We'd recommend you to check the post on safe mobile banking at our personal security blog. There we have described main risks of mobile banking and how to avoid them. We understand, that mobile banking is rather convenient, but we still recommend to avoid it, simply because both mobile apps and modern smartphones are vulnerable to various hacks and exploits. 

Second, you should check your smartphone for viruses. You should know that all malware that works on Android uses your permissions and that is why it will be wise to check them. You can find the necessary info here, at that post. There's also some data on how to detect and avoid malware for Android there.

Finally, we at Jammer-Store can tell you that it was wise to call your bank and temporary suspend your account, because evildoer, or a virus that hacked your mobile banking app would be able to steal all the money from there. It is the first you should do when you notice that something is wrong with the payments. If it is a malware, it would be useful to get a cell phone blocker, because it may temporary block all the data transmissions of your smartphone and maybe even save some money for you. 

Thanks for your question, I hope, I've managed to help!

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