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Do signal jammers influence the working process of all technical devices?

Good afternoon! I would like to understand how mobile signal jammers work. Do they stop all signs? Do they somehow influence the function of other equipment? Thanks in advance for your reply!

Hello Karen!

These are fascinating questions, so let's try to understand them. Jammers are equipment that operates within a specific range. Characteristics and features of work may differ depending on particular features. Many devices are capable of blocking a wide range of signals.

As a rule, signals affect frequencies within the limits of their functions. For example, you can use GPS jammers only to block this signal. Other supplies will work peacefully. You can also carry a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signal blocker separately. Please note that all wireless signs within the specified range will be intercepted. Also, note that you can use a jammer device to stop the working process of the TV and other devices.

Landlines work separately. They are not usually exposed to various signal blockers. This applies even to conventional signals for blocking mobile communications. A stationary device works on a different principle.

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