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Can Raspberry Pi be used for hidden video surveillance?

Hello! I need to know whether it is possible to use Raspberry Pi with a camera module for spying, and if it is yes — how can I make sure that nobody watches me? My roommate is fond of those mini PC's and he has ordered a couple of them recently, but now he is out for vacation, and I think that he has installed them in the house. So what do you think on that?

Hi there, Alisa!

Raspberry Pi is a rather universal device and it can be used for various purposes and for hidden video surveillance as well. But please note, that if you have a web cam, it may be used for spying on you too and that will be much easier than using Raspberry Pi. If you'll combine Raspberry Pi, camera and its Wi-Fi module you'll get a perfect and small surveillance camera. The only thing you have to worry about is a power source, but you can find plenty of guides, how to attach a simple Li-Ion battery to that mini PC.

The only thing here is that Raspberry camera records video in low resolution and your room mate won't be able to do anything with that. And the most vulnerable spot of the system is that that it relies on Wi-Fi networks for data streaming. And those wireless networks are vulnerable to exploits as well as for blocking. The most convenient way to organize a hidden video surveillance here is to use a couple of Raspberry's and a PC. Mini PC's will stream video to the main PC, where the picture will be available over the Internet.

So, in order to make sure that nobody watches you, we at Jammer-Store can recommend you to block all the wireless networks around you. To do that you'll need some of our devices, and as long as you need that as just a temporary measure, I'd recommend you to use a portable Wi-Fi jamming device for that. It will ensure 15 meters (50 feet) of safety around you.

Thanks for your question, I hope, I've managed to help.

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