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Can I use signal jammer to block remote control from my neighbor's air conditioner?

Hello people! I am not angry person, not at all. But my neighbor is very swank and he bored me telling about his new air conditioner. Can I block its remote?

Hello Molly!

Some people buy something actively using this modern equipment. However, this decision is not always good for them. They always put their purchases on display. Although they shouldn't, your neighbor did.

Suppose you want to stop hearing about his air conditioner and block the remote control. In that case, you can use special remote control jammers for air conditioners explicitly created for this task. They are capable of operating at different frequencies. This will be an excellent lesson for your neighbor who likes to annoy with other stories.

The remote control jammer is multi-functional. It can block different remote controls. Such a blocker will be a profitable purchase for you.

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