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Can I use signal jammer to block remote control from my neighbor's air conditioner?

Hello people! I am not angry person, not at all. But my neighbor is very swank and he bored me telling about his new air conditioner. Can I block its remote?

Hello Molly!

Our world is a funny thing :) Some people are buying something and are living fine using this thing. Other people are not enough with the only fact that they have it and using it, they want other people they know (even not as well as they think) to know about their new purchase and how its working. So as your neighbor did.

If you want him to stop telling you about his new shiny air conditioner by blocking its remote control, you can use air conditioner remote control jammers created for different remote controls of various frequencies. I guess this will become a great lesson for your neighbor who will think twice before bothering you with such things.

Those remote control jammers have many different purposes like door remote jamming, car remote jamming, and so on. So one such signal blocker may become very handy tool in your hands.

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