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Can I block Octo Telematis Tracker?

Good afternoon! I'm really interested, is it possible to somehow block Octo Telematis Tracker? Can I somehow make this tool stop tracking my coordinates? Many thanks in advance for your help.

Hello Alex!

Octo Telematics Tracer is a rather primitive but effective tracker, and I will try to explain how it works. First of we have to say that this device is used for fleet control and car security. That small gadget tracks your car's coordinates and sends them to a central server. The whole thing works pretty quickly — this device uses frequencies to track the location and then receives and collects the corresponding data for further processing.

If you block GPS frequencies, the likelihood of tracking being disabled is minimal. If you block the signals, you can still be tracked by the signal. This is possible with the help of triangulation. That is why it is essential to use safe tools to cover all signals. These devices often use the same frequencies as telephone frequencies.

In our Jammer Store, we offer you to block your Octo Telematis Tracker device with minimal effort and cost. The presented devices are capable of operating at a variety of frequencies. You can use combination blocking devices to increase your chances of success at a minimal cost.

Thanks for your question. I hope I've managed to help!

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