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Cell phone jammers and signal blockers in Austria

Mobile communications and wireless Internet are really widely spread in Austria. You can find a free Wi-Fi hotspot almost at any airport, hotel, supermarket. There are even wireless hotspots at the major streets of big cities, so it won't be a problem to access the web in Austria. They are using the same 2,4 GHz Wi-Fi frequency, which means that any Wi-Fi compatible gadget will work there.

One of the major Austrian mobile carriers — T-Mobile, along with Huawei company have recently tested LTE-Advanced technology. They have reached almost 300 Mb/sec data transmission speed and have already updated their 2G GSM network via LTE-Ready base stations. LTE coverage reaches to 90% of the country and they are using 875 MHz LTE standard. So most of LTE-compatible smartphones and tablets can work there without any problems. You should consider the fact that Austrian LTE network has not still reached its full parameters, so the quality of service may appear to be lower.

Mobile GSM and 3G coverage can be found almost everywhere in Austria, except of remote mountain areas. The major carriers are Orange, T-Mobile and A1. There are also a couple of so called discounters, new communication companies that provide same services cheaper. They are BOB and Telering. Their disadvantages are low quality and data transmission speeds, most of the have no live tech support. Most of them provide GSM 900/1800 and 3G services, except of T-Mobile. T-mobile offers LTE, as well, also, 3G uses 2100 MHz frequency, which is the most widely spread standard.

Pay attention to the fact that Austria uses 900/1800 MHz frequency for GSM communications, which is the so called, European standard. Your US smartphone won't work with those frequencies, because GSM in US is running at 850/1900 MHz, which is quite different. The same is true also about cell phone blockers, the jammer for “American” GSM won't be able to block European standard. Also, if you'd like to use 3G connection in Austria – make sure that your smartphone supports HSPA and HSPA+ standards, they are used in Austria

If you are planning your visit to Austria and the term will be pretty long – it will be wise to get a SIM card from a local mobile carrier. All you need is your international passport. But we advise you to avoid buying SIM cards at airports – that will be much more expensive. That may be suitable for you, if you don't know the local language, the support at the airport is 100% English.

As for the navigation, Europe has its own global navigation and positioning system, know as Galileo. It is not so widely spread as GPS, and has a lower accuracy. But as you probably know, your GPS or GLONASS based navigator, smartphone or tablet will work there too.

As a conclusion we may say that Austria, in the sphere of mobile communications is pretty the same as other European countries, the only difference are mountain regions, where the coverage may be really poor.

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