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Can modern jammers be used in jails? How does this happen?

Good afternoon! I know that modern jammers today are used to stop signs in a particular direction in a specified range. Can such equipment be used in prisons?

Good afternoon Courtney!

Yes, of course, this technology has many possible applications. It is often used in prisons to control criminals from using mobile phones. The use of such equipment is entirely legal. Now they are establishing other powerful jammers available on the modern market.

Some jails use standard cell phone jammers to cover the entire jamming range. In some cases, this method is not applicable. Equipment is still causing some controversy. That is why not all institutions use it. In the future, it is planned to completely switch to new security standards to prevent possible risks of information leakage.

You don't have to fear these jammers affecting you. It is excellent equipment for the safety of citizens.

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