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How threatening is AR Drone GPS microchip?

Hi! I'm worried about that so-called «spying machines» situation, and I am afraid they may be operating to chase my location. I've attended that AR Drone that was boosted with a unique GPS microchip. Will it evolve even scarier, thanks to it?

Hi there, Mark!

We understand your concerns perfectly. Of course, such small drones can be used for espionage. AR Drone is not a standalone device. It needs a user to manage it. The situation can change if you use a GPS chip. This chip will allow you to receive all the data in real time, creating a full-fledged autopilot.

In such a case, drones can be operated as drones operated in the US for espionage. AR Drone includes all you require for brilliance, equipped with a high-definition camera. At the same time, the drone is stable, which allows you to take clear pictures, which can be used for espionage. It would be advantageous to contain something that will damage the machine directly.

You can find many valuable solutions in our Jammer Store. You can try blocking the GPS signals to disable the drone. When appliances operate the 2.4 GHz commonness for search, you can use a universal jammer to stop the control system and stream some video content. Such devices are not inexpensive, but they may be helpful in the future.

Thanks for your question! We hope we have helped you.

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