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Cell Phone Jammers

  • TITAN All-in-one portable jamming solution Titan 3G GSM 4G GPS WIFI handheld jammer $640.00

    Are you looking for a portable device which will be able to jam all most popular cell phone frequencies of GSM, 3G, 4G, 4G LTE, GPS and WIFI ? You've just found it.

  • RCJ40-D 6 Bands Adjustable Powerful Desktop Mobile Jammer +4G RCJ40-D adjustable desktop jammer $480.00

    This powerful mobile jammer is our best development among desktop signal blockers because it can not only jam almost all known wireless frequencies but its power and thus working range might be adjusted on the go. Now supports 4G, Lojack, Remote controls!

  • JF100 Wall mounted 2G,3G,4G,WIFI jammer JF100 Wall mounted 2G,3G,4G,WIFI jammer $620.00

    JF100 is a great jammer to completely disable all cell phone frequencies in the area up to 100 square meters. Covered by front plastic table it is invisible to other people during the conference or meeting.

  • G5 - All cellular phones jammer 2G, 3G, 4G LTE G5 - All cellular phones jammer 2G, 3G, 4G LTE $479.00

    5-band cellular phone blocker for 2G, 3G, 4G LTE and 4G WiMax networks. Available only at Jammer-Store. Jamming radius is up to 15 meters. Hurry up, limited stock.

  • MONSTRO 10 Best Handheld Mobile Phone Jammer MONSTRO 10 Best Handheld Mobile Phone Jammer $499.00

    This is our new high quality portable signal blocker which is able to jam up to 10 different frequencies at the same time in the radius up to 15 meters. Best portable jammer.

  • Albatross Pocket CDMA 3G GSM Jammer Handheld CDMA/3G/GSM Jammer $179.99

    Albatross is a pocket 3G GSM jammer which can block cell frequencies within 5 meters radius but it is very small and easy to hide.

  • MG-40 | 8 bands All frequencies desktop powerful jammer MG-40 | 8 bands All frequencies desktop powerful jammer $670.00

    Powerful desktop solution which can disable 8 different frequencies in the radius up to 60 meters. 3 different configurations of this jammer available: UHF/VHF, 4G Wimax/4G LTE and 315MHz/433MHz.

  • PRO45 High power mobile phone jammer PRO45 powerful cell phone jammer $1,990.00

    One of the most powerful cell phone jammers on the market at the present time. Can be used for VIP vehicle protection, indoor and outdoor jamming purposes. Jamming radius – 150 meters.

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GSM is the most commonly used frequency range for cell phone networks and mobile communications. It includes four main bands (850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 1900 MHz) and many smaller standards used in different countries of the world (for example, UMTS, CDMA2000, Nextel, TDMA, AMPS, W-CDMA PCS etc.). Among communication standards 3G must be mentioned separately because it is not only a modern communication frequency but it can also be used with other purposes. Unfortunately, both GSM and 3G frequency bands are used not only to make your life much easier and more interesting, but with bad intentions as well. To jam GSM or 3G frequencies you can choose a portable or a desktop GSM jammer. The difference between these two types of GSM jammers is that the portable 3G jammers are operating in radius up to 15 meters, while the jamming radius of desktop 3G GSM CDMA jammers can be up to 200 meters


Not many people know that GSM frequency may be used by law enforcement agencies with many surveillance purposes. For example, they can get the private data from your cell phone with the help of mobile phone carrier. While they supposed to obtain a warrant for such procedure in fact they often do not do that, violating your privacy expectations in that way. Moreover, some law enforcements may wiretap your cell phone for eavesdropping of all your conversations. In this case you will definitely need a GSM blocker to block gsm signal. Yet those are not the only problems you might have.


These days technology of cell phone tower triangulation is quickly spreading across mobile gadgets and tracking devices. This technology allows any tracking device to use three cell phone towers located closest to you to calculate your coordinates at the crossing of their working ranges. So law enforcement agencies can use this technology to find out where you are even if you have no GPS module in your smartphone or if they have not placed GPS tracking device under your car.


3G frequency can also pose a threat to your wireless security. With its help some hidden cameras stream video; people are getting access to the wireless internet in places, where according to security policies should be no wireless networks at all, and your smartphone might be probed in a manner like Trojan viruses probe PCs. So you can use devices from this category to protect yourself from all those threats.


We hope that you are aware that cell phone tower triangulation is not the same thing as GPS tracking thus if you need to deal with standard location tracking system you might want to visit the GPS Jammers category.