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TRC-3 Universal All Remote Controls Jammer

TRC-3 Universal Remote Control Jammer

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  • TRC-3 Universal Remote Control Jammer
  • TRC-3 Unique Remote Control Jammer
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  • TRC-3 Universal Remote Control Blocker
  • TRC-3 Unique Remote Control Blocker
  • TRC-3 Three In One Remote Control Jammer

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TRC-3 is a universal remote control jammer that can stop the work of all commonly used remote controls. Among them you will find ordinary TV and air conditioner remotes, car lock remote controls, remotes of the toy cars and planes of your kids, garage door remote controls, and so on. So if you want to make some jokes on your neighbors, improve the discipline of your kids (for example, block TV remote if they watch too much TV) or something like that – TRC-3 will help you to achieve your goal without additional efforts. Yet it has more practical implementation aside from making jokes or raising your kids.


Different surveillance drones, flying UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and remotely controlled robots are getting popular these days. They come in many different shapes and with lots of functions. Those surveillance drones are also may be either professionally made or home-made, though both can do their snooping job quite well. Of course, professionally developed and constructed models are much better and have more features useful to their owner but their cost is much higher. As long as many of those surveillance drones are controlled via remote controls, this device can protect your privacy from being compromised by those robots.




  • Works with three popular remote control frequencies
  • Large operating radius as for handheld device
  • Three specific antennas
  • Embedded battery
  • Two power adapters for longer usage




  • Frequencies Blocked: 315 / 433 / 868MHz
  • Signal Power: 1W
  • Blocking Area: 20 meters radius
  • Power Supplies: AC or car power adapter or battery
  • Battery Details: Li-ion 8.4V 5200mAh, works for 2-3 hours, recharges for 3 hours
  • Power Adapters Data: AC 110-240V DC 12V, car 12V DC 12V
  • Temperatures Allowed: -30C to 60C


Devices which TRC-3 can jam completely:


  • Kymera Magic Wand
  • Lehman Aviation LFPV UAV
  • ReconRobotics Recon Scout XT

Customer reviews:

  • Author: Warbucks February 3, 2013


    My neighboru has a air con unit which was really really load right next to my lounge. He wouldnt quiten it untill I started to use the jammer to block his garage door, alarm remote and car remote. He DEMANDED that I fix the interference (I didnt tell him I was doing it on purpose) I said "you fix the noise for me -i'll fix the interference for you - deal?" well it took a while but he finally moved the air con so we're both happy now, great probuct

  • Author: TerryGab January 8, 2013


    I'm using that particular device to make sure that there are no surveillance drones around me. I could never thought that I would use those blocking devices but when somebody used a drone to spy at my house for almost a month I've made my mind and decided that I desperately need something to protect myself. The device works great and the battery is pretty strong, thanks.

  • Author: ChrisFisher November 12, 2012


    I’ve bought it to protect my car alarm from unauthorized use. I’ve heard that there are a lot of car thieves that can use my own security alarm against me. So now that jammer is my security measure. It’s cool, but antennas are rather long and inconvenient. I don’t know whether it is possible to make them shorter, but it’s ok for me.

  • Author: LindseySue September 21, 2012


    That jammer is a real miracle. I can finally shut my neighbour's car alarm down thanks to this device. He has already changed his alarm, but my jammer still gets it! This jammer works with every alarm, just as you’ve told me!

  • Author: AnnaLawson August 20, 2012


    When I just got this jammer, first thing I have tried was blocking remote control of my TV. And it worked! :) Then I tried remotes from toys of my kids, car remote and garage remote, and they were blocked too.

    So I also tried to make a joke on my neighbour who adores watching his TV very loudly. One night I sneak to his yard, made myself comfortable near his living room window and turned this device on. His TV remote became useless, and it was lasting until I turned the jammer off in a half an hour or so. You may say that I am evil though he deserved it for being rude with me! And it was quite funny :D

    Anyway, now I stopped jokes and use my remote control jammer only to secure my car and garage door from remote control signals to prevent thieves from starting its engine with wireless car key or even rain in my garage. If you want to do the same - I recommend you to use this device because it fits any remote control in your house.

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