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RCJ40-D 6 Bands Adjustable Powerful Desktop Mobile Jammer +4G

RCJ40-D adjustable desktop jammer

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  • RCJ40-D adjustable desktop jammer
  • RCJ40-D GSM, 4G, 3G, WIFI jammer
  • RCJ40-D powerful cell phone jammer
  • RCJ40-D 6 bands mobile, GPS, WIFI blocker
  • RCJ40-D powerful mobile phone jammer
  • RCJ40-D 6 bands cell phone blocker

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Please note! RCJ40-D desktop jammer now supports 4G. From now you will be able to block all mobile internet users in 40 meters (130 feet) radius! That device will block all 4G connections, no matter which provider it is! Additionally to the frequencies provided in the Configuration box you can choose/mix up to 6 different frequencies. The whole list of frequencies that RCJ40-D is able to jam you can find below.


This jammer can be operated through the AC 110-240V or DC 12V car charger. For extra fee you can purchase a device with built in battery. The battery usage time is up to 2 hours.


RCJ40-D adjustable desktop cell jammer is the latest model of our powerful products used to secure the perimeter of large buildings. The range of frequencies it works with is spectacular because when this device is turned on all popular frequency bands stop their work, even part of the low frequency spectrum. Moreover, you can decide what frequencies you need to block before you make an order for our technicians be able to tune your product according to your wishes.


As a rule, RCJ40-D strong cell phone signal jammer is installed inside the offices, houses or any other large buildings to organize wireless safety. When it works, all bands which you selected will not work in its operating radius of 40 meters. In addition you can adjust the output power of your device to prevent interference with other buildings around if there is such necessity. As you can see, this device is flexible in relation to the working range of its signal and this might be handy in organizing your wireless safety more precisely.


Frequency bands RCJ40-D mobile phone jammer can work with:


  • CDMA450
  • GPS L1, L2, L3, L4, L5
  • Lojack (173Mhz)
  • Wi-Fi/Bluetooth
  • 2.4Ghz wireless camera
  • 3G
  • 4G Wimax/ 4G LTE
  • CDMA800
  • GSM 850
  • GSM1900
  • GSM900
  • GSM1800
  • Remote controls (315Mhz, 433Mhz, 868Mhz)
  • SAT Sattellite Phones 1520-1670MHz
  • UHF(420-480Mhz) and VHF(130-180Mhz)
  • Low frequencies: 130-205MHz, 205-275MHz, 275-345MHz,345-415MHz, 425-500MHz, 850-965MHz


The decision on what frequency bands from those listed up there to select is totally yours. You must choose carefully because once the working frequencies for your device are chosen, you can never change them. You can mix up to 6 different frequencies for 1 unit.




  • Powerful output
  • Built in battery and 12V car charger is available for extra fee
  • Widest frequency range
  • Large jamming radius
  • Color labels for antennas and their slots
  • Full adjustability of all 6 bands
  • Reliable heat sink against overheating




  • Frequencies Supported: CDMA450 (part of UHF), CDMA800 (GSM850), GSM900, GSM1800 and 1900 (PHS and DCS), GPS (L1, L2, L3, L4, L5 bands), Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, 3G and 4G WiMax and 4G LTE (725-770 and 2345-2400 MHz), Satellite phones, Remote Controls, LoJack
  • Output Power: from 9 to 18W (depends on chosen configuration)
  • Operating Range: 20-40 meters radius
  • Power Supply: AC power adapter or Built in battery + car charger (+$150)
  • Operating Current: 12A
  • Adapter Data: AC 110V~240V DC 5V, 12000mA
  • Antennas Parameters: SMA 3db
  • Product Size: 200x165x60 mm
  • Device Weight: 1.8kg / 2.8kg (device / full package)
  • Temperature Of Air: 0C to 50C
  • Humidity Of Air: 5% to 80%


Using RCJ40-D you will be absolutely safeguarded against:


  • GoBandit Live camera
  • Navizon Indoor Triangulation System
  • CalAmp LMU-2600
  • TP-LINK Mini Pocket Router
  • F-BOMB
  • Wolfhound cell phone trackers
  • Glympse
  • FinFisher FinSpy Mobile
  • Oregon Scientific ATC Beats WiFi Sports camera
  • HawkEye 5300
  • Sony SmartWatch
  • Verint Analytics And Communications Solutions
  • Dropcam HD WiFi monitoring camera
  • Electric Imp
  • PlayRobot
  • Transparency Grenade
  • EyeRing
  • Eye-Fi
  • Lytro camera
  • Spektrum DSM
  • Spektrum DSM2
  • FreedomPop
  • Utimaco DRS
  • Google Wi-Spy
  • Amped Wireless High Power Wireless-N 600mW Pro Smart Repeater
  • Brookstone Rover Spy Tank
  • Pebble and Twine
  • Scan & Target Scan Surveillance
  • Samsung DV300F
  • Draganflyer X6
  • GoPro WiFi BacPac and Remote
  • WiFi Hotspot Cufflinks
  • Trendnet web cameras
  • Internet Of Things
  • Packet Forensics
  • FleetMatics
  • Parrot AR.Drone 2.0
  • Stingray
  • Stingray II
  • Pong Research Case
  • Motorola PDA MC-75
  • Telesoft Technologies HINTON Abis Probe
  • Bluetooth SIG
  • Cambridge Consultants small cell tower
  • Rosum ALLOY
  • Blackline GPS Javelin
  • Broadcom BCM4752
  • Elusiv Tracking Systems
  • Mushroom Networks ThirdEye
  • TV White Space
  • Sprint 3G/4G Plug-in-connect
  • Texas Instruments WiLink 8.0
  • RF Design u-blox

and many other devices and technologies...

Customer reviews:

  • Author: RogerMathews February 1, 2013


    Wow, guys, that 4G support is really what I was looking for. Now I'll be able to block all mobile phones with a single stationary signal blocker and I won't have to worry about the battery anymore! It will be a great addition to my home security system. And it blocks both LTE and Wi-Max. That means that there will be no video calls and mobile Internet anymore!

  • Author: BillyRod January 9, 2013


    That signal jammer is a really powerful device. And it is possible to choose what to jam and even tune the interference signal power. I use it for blocking Wi-Fi snooping, just don't want my Wi-Fi network to be seen form the outside. The only thing it lacks is the cooling system, it is getting rather hot while working, though it never turned off because of overheating.

  • Author: Rodney October 29, 2012


    I'm running that RCJ40-D for almost a month and I can say that it does its work great! It was bought for the only one purpose - to jam Wi-Fi connections of the executives at my office, because I care about network's security. I've tried to prohibit Wi-Fi but some people still have forgotten to turn off the Wi-Fi module. Now I turn it off myself. I just turn all the antennas except Wi-Fi off and everything works great except Wi-Fi. Thanks!

  • Author: Protector September 25, 2012


    The power of this device made me to buy it. Massive coverage radius along with adjustable output power of each antenna makes it possible to jam exact frequencies in specified area. I can tune it to jam only one frequency, Wi-Fi, for example and use the other bands freely. Powerful and flexible home shielding device!

  • Author: Sam September 19, 2012


    I would have never bought this jammer if my neighbour wasn't so noisy and rude. He watched his wireless home theatre really loud. Now he can't! Now his Smart TV can't connect the internet via Wi-Fi. Goodbye loud movies, hello deep sleep!