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GP5000 Car Anti-Tracking GPS Blocker, Navigation jammer

Car GPS Jammer

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  • Car GPS Jammer
  • Car GPS Trackers Jammer
  • Car GPS Trackers Signal Jammer

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GP5000 is our special car GPS jammer. We designed this small yet very handy device in order to help millions of truck drivers around the world who suffer from GPS tracking placed in their 18-wheelers by their employers and who think that their privacy rights are violated in this way. Of course, GP5000 tracking jammer is meant to help all those guys to regain their privacy once and for all. But they are not the only ones who drive vehicles on this planet, right? So any driver willing to protect him or her can use this product to do that.


How car GPS jammer works


GP5000 ani-tracking device is a very small device that needs to be plugged into electric lighter of your vehicle to use the accumulator of your car as the source of power. This product has low operating power and little working radius to prevent interfering with other cars or important city systems which rely on GPS navigation. In that way we tried to make this device equally useful and safe to use. Although this navigation jammer cannot block advanced types of tracking devices, it can easily deal with all commonly used GPS trackers and grant you the privacy you eager for.




  • 12V and 24V power supply support
  • Small size and weight
  • Tuned against GPS L1 band
  • Works within 5 meters radius
  • Has two fuses
  • Has working state indicator
  • Works without battery
  • External anti-GPS antenna




  • Operating Frequency: GPS L1 band (1575.42MHz)
  • Working Power: 21dbm
  • Jammed Area: 1-5 meters radius
  • Signal Source: PLL
  • Power Supply: Car cigarette lighter (12V/24V)
  • Operating Current: 100mA
  • Integrated Antenna: 1 x 3db, omnidirectional
  • Size Information: 80x21x21mm
  • Weight Data: 35g/50g (jammer/package)
  • Temperature Regime: 0C~50C degrees
  • Outer Air Humidity: 5%~80%


GP5000 can completely jam:


  • Verizon Fleet Administrator
  • OnStar Family Link
  • Track What Matters


GP5000 can partially jam:


  • DriveCam GPS

Product Attachments

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Customer reviews:

  • Author: LCjange January 20, 2015


    This device works better than I possibly could have imagined. This jammer give me peace of mind when I'm driving, and is so easy to use by simply plugging it into one of the many 12 Volt Sockets that all cars have. In addition, the jammer still works when the care is off! This is Great!

  • Author: Slick January 28, 2013


    Great unit but unfortunately it only works when the vehicle is running. It will work when the vehicle is off as long as your power outlet runs "hot" when off. Mine does not. Therefore, a tad useless once reaching my destination.

  • Author: AlexBlane December 28, 2012


    That device is a nice antitracker, I've chosen it because it is extremely simple to use it. All you have to do — just plug it into your car lighter slot and the device will do the rest by itself. Also the price is perfect, but there are some points Id like to see upgraded. They are frequency range and mobile phone blocking option, in that case that device would become the best tracking jammer.

  • Author: PatrickMiles November 27, 2012


    I like that jammer because it is simple. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist if you want to use it. Nothing special is here, just plug it in and it is done. Another thing I like about this small gadget is that it has precisely calculated output signal power so it never comes out of my car and that is just perfect because nobody can spot and track that jammer.

  • Author: AndyDecker November 7, 2012


    I’m a truck driver and I’m working with one company for almost four years and we’ve trusted each other. I hauled their cargo and everything was ok, until they have decided to install a tracker in my lorry. I was really angry and I’ve decided to protect my privacy myself. Now I just plug that thing in my car lighter slot and enjoy my ride!

  • Author: Stewie October 2, 2012


    I’m using this GPS jammer for almost a month. I like it, it jams GPS and leaves everything else untouched, exactly what I needed. With it I’m sure I won’t be tracked, and it fits my budget!

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